Social Media ROI

As public relations practitioners and up and coming social media guru’s, the more re-tweets and Facebook comments we get, the happier we are. Organizations have realized the importance of social media and have started to hire social media managers to head their on-line public relations and marketing campaigns, but the leaders of these organizations are most likely much more interested in the financial impact.

You may be amazing at your job, updating the blog frequently with useful information, interacting with the clientele and customers and successfully engaging your target audience. This may impress us, but not our bosses, at least not for long.

This is why everyone who conducts social media for organizations must understand the importance of social media’s return on investment, or ROI. It is not that YouTube hits and Facebook friends are not important, it’s that they need to be translated into numbers and terms that make the boss man (or woman) happy.

My favorite social media resource, Mashable, has a fabulous article on how to measure social media ROI. Unless you were fortunate enough to have a professor in your PR Research course that understood the importance of social media research and included it in their curriculum, you are on your own.

What do you think?